17 okt. 2016

Pills saved my life

Inlägget nedan publicerade jag häromdagen på IG. Det är mitt åtekrommande evangelium att få ner antalet damer som tvingas till akuten & en veckas antibiotika pga urinvägsinfektion. Jag var en av er ända sedan jag var liten - men tack vare detta lilla magiska pillret & några gyllene regler är jag sedan drygt 8 år inte längre en belastning av sjukvården & miljön :D Kolla: 
These pills are my lifesavers! 👌 This shout out goes out to you ladies (& unlucky few gents) suffering from Cystitis regularly. Ive had them ever since I was a kid, & been to the emergency more times than I can count. BUT NO MORE! 💪 Trust me, if you follow my 4 golden rules you wont have to end up with antibiotics (read about multiresistant bacterias to realize why) - I havent for almost 8 years now! 
OK, these are the 4 pillars when feeling the damn pains coming: 
1. Eat cranberry concentrate pills & take 1-2 every second hour! (Add anti inflammatory painkiller if wanted)
2. Cut out ALL sugar in your diet and drinks when having the pains.
3. Only pee when bladder is full (very important!). Keep filling that cranky bladder with 1 litre of water/hour - add squeezed lemon, it kills the pee pain!
4. Keep warm during this process at all cost - involve blankets, long johns, partners or pets to keep the temperature! 
For me, this usually stops the cystitis within 24 hours. Its helped many friends of mine having the same problem. Try it yourself or help a friend with this info. (If the pains persists from more than a few days, consult a doctor)
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